• “This is a Heldentenor who treats Wagner with the subtlety and tenderness of a Lieder singer, making the climaxes all the more powerful.” OperaNow, July 2019
  • “Bryan Register gave a tirelessly detailed performance of the punishing role of Tristan" Opera News, August 2019
  • “It is now clear that the best Tristan on stage is here that I have ever seen in a theater... Bryan Register has a real baritone-colored heroic tenor and the timbre is particularly beautiful." Leidmotief, 4th May 2019
  • “Throughout the famous scene of agony, his valour is one that is not often experienced in the theatre. The beautifully welded registers allow him to traverse the full range of emotions, without dodging any of the difficulties of this murderous role, and without the slightest sign of overwork...” Opera Online, 30 January 2020
  • “Bryan Register is a powerful Heldentenor who dealt expertly with all the vocal and dramatic issues that come with the role of Tristan. He brought out a sense of total abandonment in the great second-act love duet and gave full justice to his long third-act monologue.” Opera, May 2020
  • “Bryan Register debuted in the giant part of Aeneas. His tenor has both softness and metal; he has the mighty hero figure, and acted with an ample amount of power and expression.” NMZ online, 26th February 2017


27th July 2016

Tristan und Isolde – Grange Park Opera

“Wednesday’s Tristan was masterly. There had been cast changes. The result, no complaints, was a potent ensemble led by the British soprano Rachel Nicholls and the American tenor Bryan Register…As Tristan, Register held all in reserve for his merciless Act 3 challenge, fearlessly moulding the role to suit his own mix of lyricism, angst and stamina.”  

Fiona Maddocks

The Observer, 17th July 2016


“…it all worked wonderfully well and the drama of Tristan and Isolde’s illicit affair unfolded convincingly thanks to Bryan Register and Rachel Nicholls who both knew their roles and sang off-book…Bryan Register’s stoic Tristan (who) was magnificent in his Act III ravings…his Tristan displayed a great emotional range, was mostly accurate, tireless and sung with admirable ease for such a demanding role.”

Jim Pritchard

Seen and Heard International, 14th July 2016


 “Bryan Register as Tristan has a pleasing and expansive tenor; when it really opens out it is possessed of a wide range of hues that give his powerful voice a certain lightness…He shines in Act III when he can really give everything, and it is both his and Nicoll’s performances in Act III that give the occasion such a sense of thrill that the audience hangs on every note.” 

Sam Smith

Music OMH, 16th July 2016


 “As Tristan, American tenor Bryan Register gave a sterling performance, blending his voice well with Nicoll’s in Act II, and really coming into his own in Act III as he moved with superb emotional nuance between contemplation and passion in a twilight world combining day and night.” 

Mark Ronan

markronan.com, 14th July 2016


“Bryan Register is a young American tenor who recently sang his first Tristan at Theatre Kiel…is developing into a notable Tristan. The quieter moments were particularly intense with a strong sense of the language, something that I am not often aware of in Tristan performances…the climax was a coruscating account of Tristan’s great Act Three solo.”

Robert Hugill

Planet Hugill, 18th July 2016